What Are the Trading Products Are Available on TradeStation?

TradeStation is a great choice for serious investors who want professional trading experience. There was a time when the Broker only catered to the professional brokers and traders. Now as per the TradeStation Review 2020, regular investors can get access to the platform’s tools as the firm has cut down the cost to $0. Here are the trading products available on TradeStation:

TradeStation Trading Products

1) Stocks: It is an ideal platform to trade in stocks by opening a TradeStation account because of the availability of vast numbers of tools and resources that are vital to make a profitable trade. The trading platform offered by TradeStation is suitable for all types of traders, experienced & beginners. TradeStation provides great educational resources to its clients so that they can better understand the technicalities of the stock market and make the trades that are profitable. 

2) Options: If you are a trader, you might be familiar with the complexities of trading options. As per broker comparison, trade options offer possibilities to take advantage of peculiar market conditions. With options, a trader can pre-determine the risk in the trade allowing a trader to control the larger portion size with little investment.

3) Futures: Futures provide a huge advantage to the traders who want to diversify their trade and capitalize on the changes in the world economy. Futures allow the traders to access round the clock trading opportunities and increase their leverage by accessing highly liquid futures markets.

4) Futures Options: Trading futures options may allow you to achieve great returns under the right market conditions. According to TradeStation vs Charles Schwab, Futures Options have extended trading hours so that traders can trade anytime they want. TradeStation allows trading in more than 250 futures options products.

5) Crypto: TradeStation offers unique pricing for crypto traders. The competitive trade commissions offered by TradeStation are based on the size of the account balance of the traders. For account balance up to $100K, the maker and taker fees charged are 0.50% while for account balance over 100K there are no taker and maker charges. 

TradeStation offers access to crypto markets by allowing traders to easily move between all the trading platforms offered by TradeStation. 

6) IPOs: The traders of TradeStation are provided with access to initial public offerings, secondary offerings, and follow-on offerings. Investing in IPOs is now just a phone app away. 

7) ETFs: TradeStation offers commission-free ETF trading, which includes indices, sectors, commodities, and currencies. Also, you can check here different commission & fees charged by TradeStation. The firm provides access to more than 2,000 exchange-traded funds.

8) Mutual Funds: Mutual funds are the best way to diversify your portfolio. TradeStation allows you to choose among 2,000 mutual funds. TradeStation offers its expert fund managers so that clients can benefit from their experience and expertise.

9) Bonds: Bonds may offer investors a continuous and predictable income. TradeStation is the right platform to invest in bonds which are an alternative to highly volatile instruments like stocks. Adding bonds to your portfolio may provide stability and more certainty.